Thursday, 19 February 2009

Look who comes crawling back for more

I generally thought I'd finished with this blog. I mean, the last post was 9 months ago. But I might have reason to kick this thing back into gear sooner or later. I began university last September studying Film & TV Production, and it's been a blast, but come this September I'll also be doing a short course in 'The Emergence of Games Culture', which means it may be useful for me to write critically about games and things.

So I'm going to try and get back into the habit of reading those blogs there on the right. I guess I've missed a lot of awesome writing. I'm sorry. But hopefully I'll be able to contribute something of my own soon. At least when Left 4 Dead has released its firm grip of my balls. I'm still not good at writing well, my vocabulary has probably only degraded since I last wrote an article, and I'm still going to fuss more over the colour scheme of this blog than the posts, but it might at least be beneficial to me, even if not at all for you. So see you soon, and remember, all the noobs will be playing as Ken, so for god's sake pick someone else.

The image has no relation to the contents of this post.