Thursday, 27 March 2008

The Pixel Diaries - Resistance: Fall of Man Edition

Another PlayStation 3 game finished; another unspectacular 12 hour campaign to be forgotten about. I’m seriously a little tired of putting in so much time for so little reward in the long term. Well, what can I say? ‘Resistance’ is a good game. It doesn’t crash, it doesn’t play badly, it looks quite impressive in places, it mixes things up with vehicle sections and has a fair good amount of enemy types to keep you on your toes. Would I recommend fighting through it to experience all of these features? Not really. It’s just another passable shooter, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but if the aftershocks of any of last years FPS titans are still buzzing round in you’re head you’re only going to notice what isn’t there.

I felt no atmosphere. This could be blamed on the repetitive environments, or maybe the generic appearance of the aliens, or the terribly dull soundtrack, or the dry story, or the lack of any particular stand out missions. It lacks the humour, the spine chilling score and the random moments of hilarious havoc of 'Halo'. It lacks the creativity, suspense, mood and exceptional level design of 'BioShock'. It shows no signs of the vastness, believability and sheer immersion of 'Half-Life 2'. It’s a shooter as generic as they come. Is there any reason to play it at all? I guess some of the weapons are interesting, like a rifle that shoots through walls forcing you to constantly dodge bullets, even when in another room from the action. There’s also a moment when a giant mechanical mole machine blasts through one wall and into the next right in front of your nose. That was pretty cool I guess, but it’s almost halfway through the game and proberbly isn't worth the effort.

So a generally disappointing title, but my lack of enjoyment stems from interesting reasons. I think I may replay all of those mentioned modern-classic shooters, pick a particular ten minute highlight from each, and map out why they work so well. It would be interesting to see if there are any reoccurring factors that provide a key to shooter success. In the meantime 'GTA IV' is going to supply a much needed booster injection to my gamer veins and hopefully get me all happy and excited about picking up the controller again.


Michael said...

You had more patience with this game than I. My play time ended after only a few hours, for most of the very reasons you cite. I looked hard, but couldn't find a single original idea in there.

I wonder if you've played Heavenly Sword and what your thoughts are on that? The critical response was all over the map, but I found it quite interesting in many ways. Since you're focusing on PS3 games, I thought I'd ask.

Billy King said...

I was thinking of renting that later on down the line. I just wanted to get all the big titles under my belt, and I guess Heavenly Sword's greater criticism kind of made it less of a priority. Maybe a weekend rental sometime - I hear it's very short.

It's strange, since getting a PS3 last month I've played three of its biggest games, but none of them I found anywhere near as compelling and memorable as any of the PSN titles I've downloaded so far. Something like flOw is hair-raising at times, a real hypnotic, immersive experience. To think that something so superior can be made for just a fraction of the traditional triple-A budget, and yet nothing changes in the industry to acknowledge this – it seems crazy at times.