Friday, 18 January 2008

A Synopsis

Okay, if this blog does become of something, and there's no reason it should, but if it does, I decided it will mainly focus on the world of videogames, purely because I know much about it, or at least more than my other interests. Alright then, you say, another gaming blog. But why should I, you continue, add yet another gaming blog to my overflowing favorites list? Well, maybe there's something here that isn't found elsewhere so easily. What that quite is, I haven't yet decided, but here's a few ideas off the top of my gulliver to get things rolling:

  • Gaming personalities - a short but detailed biography on designers, known and not so known.
  • Genre evolution - comments on what needs to be done to evolve a particular genre of videogame for it to stay fresh in the future.
  • Game ideas - I'll admit, maybe I don't have the skills required to break into the industry, but I have ideas nonetheless. It won't do any harm to share a few of them.
  • Comments on recent news - I keep very up to date with the latest videogame happenings, but other sites can do that better than me, so instead I'll pick out little interesting stories and discuss them in greater detail.
  • Reviews - No, IGN this is not, and nor is should try to be, but what about the games that never got the attention they deserved? Or the games that got far too much? Maybe a few paragraphs on particular releases, old and new, could prove insightful to some.
  • General ramblings - This is a blog, after all. Don't expect to go too long before I start verbally drooling over the things in the back of my mind.
  • Points of interest - If I come across something that I believe is worth checking out, maybe a site, a newly announced game, whatever it may be, I'll spread the word.

That's a starter. I'm still not sure if those ideas are truly original enough, nor me talented enough, to keep you checking back here, but we'll see I guess. Please suggest any ideas yourself in the comments section if you will, though judging by how my readership is proberbly around 2 including myself, I won't expect much to find its way there.

Oh, and the fancy graphics around the site? Kinda stolen from various "Art of Games" magazines and books. Don't tell anyone though. At least it's tasteful. Guess the games they're from?

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