Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Down the Robot Hole, February 2008

In this obscurely titled monthly blog feature, I will simply be detailing what I will, or at least intend to play in the looming month ahead, and what I most certainly will not be playing, just for negatives sake. Note this not only includes new releases, but games in general.

Devil May Cry 4

I touched the original DMC a few years back and didn’t so much burn myself as have hell blasted down a funnel aimed at my face. I found it challenging and frustrating to say the least (a problem I’ve had with most of Capcom’s output funnily enough). But this one they say has a toned down difficulty for mere mortals like myself, giving me the incentive to master the combat before shifting up the ruthlessness once I’ve found my ground. It’s pre-ordered, so I’m finally back into the sweaty shoes of Dante (and Nero).

The Club

I always remained sceptical on this one, though I never doubted that Bizarre Creations would ever make a bad game outright. My mix of emotions turned out right according to the reviews. I’ll be renting it, and hopefully enjoying it. This also reminds me that a rental copy of PGR4 is still sitting on my desk from around its original release, practically unplayed…Thank the heavens for no late fees.

Lost Odyssey

I still refuse to believe a game this big could remain so generally quiet when only a few weeks from release, but apparently it comes out this month over here, and I guess I’ll be picking it up. I heard lots of text is involved, but the writing is enjoyable to journey through. Maybe this’ll count as my monthly read instead.

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and Warhawk

February marks the month of my birthday, and this rounds birthday marks the day I’ll be receiving a PlayStation 3. The price has come down to acceptable boundaries, (read, reachable boundaries), and the catalogue at last has something in it which is not only out now, but is something I’d like to play. That game is…Everyday Shooter by Jonathan Mak, but Uncharted is not that far behind. I’ll be catching up in the coming months before the PS3 exclusives start to build up their pace. It’s been a long time coming, but I’m finally prepared for the onslaught.

Zone of the Enders

I bought it for a fiver second hand in local game store. I like Hideo Kojima. I don’t mind robots too much either. It was cheap, so it’s in the archive. I’ll never play it for more than ten minutes, but it’s the comfort I get from its presence on the shelf that really counts.

Barkley Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden

Part of my new years resolution to explore the indie scene, from what I can tell this was based on a similarly titled SNES game, but when that one was a basketball game, this new indie take is an RPG. Set in the post-cyberapocalyptic world of 2053, you play Charles Barkley as you deal with being a basketballer when the sport has been outlawed in the Great B-Ball purge of 2041. Apparently Barkley did/was capable of doing a ‘chaos dunk’ that can wipe out millions of people. So far I’m loving the hysterically crazy plot being taken so seriously by the characters, and the Space Jam references. Check it out, it’s free.

And I will not be playing…

...the outrageous swamp of unnecessary and doomed from the start first-person shooters coming out to unsurprisingly average reviews. No originality, no quality, just why did the devs behind any of them even think that they might hit on a success. These guys time would be better spent elsewhere. I’m talking to you Turok, Conflict: Denied Ops, Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, Frontlines: Fuel of War, and to a lesser extent, Medal of Honor: Heroes 2.

*EDIT: Will proberbly not continue this feature in the future. Not much point to it, really.*

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